I am a researcher, lecturer, pattern cutter and dress historian, specialising in 20th century womenswear.

My academic research focuses on the craft of dressmaking within both couture and hand-made garments.  I have a particular interest in the highly skilled cut and construction techniques used by makers during this period, and in exploring the narratives held within the dresses I study. 

My original training was in made-to-measure womenswear; I later returned to study at Nottingham Trent University, completing a Postgraduate Certificate in Creative Cutting (2010) and an MA in Fashion and Textiles (2011).  I continue to combine practice-based research with theoretical and historical analysis, and collaborate on projects with other creative professionals. 

As a lecturer and a maker, I am continuously fascinated by the ways in which the skills of pattern cutting, design, and garment-construction are communicated through the generations, and by the practice of fashion education in previous eras.  I present my research at conferences both in the UK and internationally, through papers and exhibitions.     

N.B : All images and text on this website under copy right to Hannah Wroe 2012. Please contact me for written permission to share any image or information.  I am more than happy for my images to be shared through pinterst with supporting links to this website.